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We welcome any request to custom-package your unique specifications. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Our products are used in a diverse range of industries including but not limited to:

  • food

  • agriculture

  • industrial (chemicals and petrochemicals)

  • coatings

  • building products

  • stains

  • solvents

  • industrial coatings

  • marine paint

  • and, wood care.





PackCore offers lithographic and tin coating options with quality print up to 8 colours across the full range (at a fraction of the cost of conventional lithographic services). we cater for all needs, small or large print runs.


This allows your product to stand out from the rest - with a very high quality standard in presentation of your product, so you can enjoy the marketing benefit for your branding.


tin packaging

PackCore offer a full portfolio of premium quality tin-packaging through a wide range of open head pails and cans in both dangerous and non-dangerous goods. our tins are available in a selection of international coatings to meet your designated applications.


Our products are approved by United Nations (UN) non-dangerous Good to (DG) Dangerous Goods to packaging groups II and III by safework australia.



plastic packaging

We also offer premium quality plastic packaging solutions with extensive options in; round, square and tapered shapes.


free plate print set-up with a minimum print run.


all our plastics are HACCP approved in mould labelling, heat transfers, offset printing, and adhesive labels are also available.


cardboard packaging


in addition, packcore offers a variety of quality cardboard packaging including; strong and durable cardboard boxes in different sizes to suit your needs and tapered shapes.


moq custom made to your requirements.



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